FOOTBALL-MAD youngsters have swapped goalscoring for singing as they look to raise cash for the NHS.

All ten players from the Gas Recreation under nines blues youth football team were recorded singing lines from the Charlie Puth hit single One Call Away while proudly wearing their kits and holding signs up showing their appreciation.

The clips were then put together by Happy Days Photography to make a compilation video.

Coach Jordan Craig said he was proud of his players for being brave enough to sing.

“They all decided they wanted to do something and we saw a lot of teams putting out photographs saying thank you to the NHS,” he said.

“We wanted to try something a bit different.

“The Gas senior team had done a video with Stand By Me so we thought this would be a good idea.

“A lot of them initially didn’t want to sing, but when a couple of them said they would more and more agreed to.

“Eventually, all ten players agreed they would.

“If they were all together then I am not sure it would have happened, but really they were just singing in front of their parents because they are social distancing.

“It has been weird, because I have gone from seeing them three times per week to nothing.

“They are all great lads and the team comes from four or five different schools from across Colchester so they all come together and make friends.

“We have had a couple of new players join in and you would not know they had not been there as long.

“I got into coaching them when they were under sixes - I just got asked to help out for a bit and ended up committed to it.

“I think that is how a lot of people end up getting involved but I wouldn’t change it.”

The team have nearly hit their £300 fundraising target.

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