The Gazette is calling on young writers to send us their diary entries.

Send 150 words and a picture, poem or writeup of life during lockdown and we’ll publish them. Email emma.palmer@

Alfie and Lily Walker, both pupils of Colchester High School have written pieces on how they are spending their time.

Alfie, aged 11, has penned an acoustic poem:

Loving, laughter, lasting family time.

Energetic, everlasting, exciting bike rides, Amazing, admirable, astonishing key workers saving lives Revolutionary, rapid times, make us realise how precious everything is.

Neighboroughly, nice notes to ask how we are?Incredible, inspiring individuals helping others Noisy, nutty, never ending fun family time Learning, loving, laudable teachers who are there to help us Observant rules we must obey to stay safe Courageous, charitable communities come close Knowledge is power to beat this disease Delicious deep devouring chocolate cakes to make you feel better Optimistic hope for our future Wonderful Joe Wicks on TV make us wibble and wobble like jelly on a plate Never forgetting the NHS, our heroes.

Lily, eight, has written a diary entry of how she’s passing time indoors:

Quarantine has made my family closer we spend more time together. We go on fun walks, play games, cook and laugh with each other making different memories each day. Wonderful walksAfter I finish my home schooling - sometimes that’s tricky. Mum and Dad are different to our teachers! I have a break, until it’s time for a walk.

We try to go on a walk every day and so far we haven’t failed. We always make sure to wave outside our grandparents house.

We try to fit a board game after our walk. Our favourite board game so far is the David Walliams card game that I got for my birthday.We love it so much because it makes the whole family laugh.

Chloe Swan, 13, has written this poem about how she’s been spending the lockdown.


I woke up to another day in Lockdown, My sister and I try to smile as much as we can. I can’t take anymore of these boring walls, My whole life has been thrown into the air like a million balls.

It’s like Hi Mum, Hi Dad, oh is that my friend? No such luck, it’s just my Dad again.

I’ve kept myself occupied with Teddy & Tilly, our two cats, a 1-year-old and a geriatric are not the best mix.

Teddy gets stuck down the side of my sister’s bed, whilst our older cat Tilly just sleeps all day and you never see her head!

We have cleaned up the garden, done a lot of work for school, I have also cooked stuffed peppers for our family dinner, with a big apple crumble.

It has been boring and funny at times, but we now have Disney Plus on TV, I am glad I was 13 last month as I had a sleepover.

I miss my friends with texting, silly photos and facetiming just not the same, I just hope everyone stays safe, at home and most importantly sane.

If you have a piano, play your favourite song and sing it, that’s what I am doing anyway. Let’s hope one day soon this nasty virus will just go away!