A RESPECTED doctor has died of Covid-19.

GP Fayez Khalid Ayache, 77, who worked part-time at the North Clacton Medical Group died of coronavirus on Wednesday.

His family said he was admitted to hospital last week and tests came back positive for Coronavirus on Saturday.

He died four days later.

His daughters, Sarah and Layla Ayache, as well as Sarah’s wife, Katie, and his granddaughter Paisley said they were devastated by his death.

Family members described him as “the epitome of kindness and diligent in both his work and towards his family”.

Layla Ayache, his oldest daughter, described the Syrian doctor as a “generous and honourable man”.

She said: “He was a dedicated doctor and father.

“We are truly devastated and will miss him dearly, he was a true foundation in our lives.

“He was a peaceful man and he will be greatly missed, not just by us but by the whole community.”

Dr Ayache was born in Damascus but left Syria in 1973 to fulfil his dream of becoming a doctor.

He worked for the NHS and private sector for more than 40 years.

His first and long standing medical post was with the Constable Country Rural Medical Practice in East Bergholt, which was described as "such a big part of his life and the life of the family”.

Dr Ayache worked at Ipswich Hospital as an ear, nose and throat consultant and surgeon.

Hhis latest post was as a part-time GP in Clacton.

“He did a lot of charity work for the Syrian refugees settling in the UK and he took part in a lot of fundraising and charity events,” Layla said.

“As far as the family is concerned, we are so grateful for all the messages and kindness we received from right across the world."

She added: "The best thing people can do, and what my father would have wanted is to stay home, stay safe and be kind to one another.”