Two men have been arrested despite their last-ditch attempts to evade capture.

The pair were arrested last night in Basildon, near Gloucester Park, after a foot chase proved successful for police.

This came after eagle-eyed onlookers spotted motorbikes racing through the popular park, and 'engaging in criminal activity', according to Essex Police.

Once police officers arrived, the motorbikes were dumped in an alleyway in Roselaine.

The bikes have since been seized.


A spokesman from the force, said: "This evening officers from the town centre team responded to reports of males on motorbikes riding around Gloucester Park and the surrounding area, engaging in criminal activity.

"We were able to deploy a number of units and through great communication and team work closed the net on the group.

"In an attempt to evade us two of the motorbikes were abandoned in an alleyway in Roselaine.

"However after a short foot chase two males were located and arrested.

"The motorbikes have been seized.

"Thank you to those that called in and also passed information to officers on the ground."