Comedy star Su Pollard has spoken about her time on the hit TV show Hi-de-Hi.

We've had a delve into the archives to see how the north Essex coast played its part in vintage sit-com history.

For almost a decade Dovercourt holiday camp Warners doubled up as Hi-de-Hi’s Maplins for filming outside scenes.

Our photographs show the show’s popular characters out and about on set.

Warners closed in 1990 and the site was re-developed for housing.

Pollard played holiday camp worker Peggy in Hi-de-Hi! in the Eighties, which turned her into a household name.

She said: "Over the years, people have put me in a box labelled 'comedy' - largely because of Hi-de-Hi! - but I don't mind that at all.

"It's a kind of compliment in a way, because it means they've enjoyed whatever they've seen and so you're in their psyche.

"It's an affectionate way of being 'boxed'.

"Anyway, I have no regrets because I used Peggy and that show as a springboard, and I've done musicals, my own one-woman show, and even had a chart-topping single."

And Pollard says she looks back on the show was "great affection".

"You have to thank god for getting a role like that in this business, which can be very tough," she said.

"We had so many laughs making it. During one rehearsal, I got into a horse's costume - I was the back end.

"The only problem was, there was a real horse in the field. It trotted over and tried to mount me - the fake one's rear end!

"I kept saying, 'Get him off, get him off!' But that horse was extremely insistent and everyone was laughing so hard, they couldn't pull themselves together to rescue me."