Popular cooking show Saturday Kitchen Live will now be airing everyday on BBC One to keep the public entertained during the lockdown.

The BBC has confirmed that they will be broadcasting the series on a daily basis, under the new name Daily Kitchen Live while lockdown measures are in place.

Why is the programme being aired daily?

Viewers can now look forward to a daily dose of the public’s favourite for the foreseeable future, until restrictions on staying at home are lifted.

The move to air the show daily comes in response to the tough lockdown restrictions imposed by the government, with the BBC hopeful that the more regular programme will help viewers who are on a budget.

In a statement, the broadcaster said: “The series will be live each weekday morning and will be responding to lockdown challenges facing viewers on a budget, and providing insights into how to make a little go a long way.

“Staying true to the entertainment values of Saturday Kitchen Live, it will also be reflecting the constantly evolving challenges facing people at home.”


What will be featured on the show?

The show will be presented by its usual host Matt Tebbutt in the normal set, and he will be joined by Jack Monroe - author of Tin Can Cook and Cooking on a Bootstrap.

During each instalment, viewers will be shown a variety of recipes designed for being on a budget.

Monroe will demonstrate easy and accessible recipes using anything people can find in their kitchen cupboards, as food essentials become harder to come by.

The BBC added: “Daily Kitchen Live will dish up healthy, wholesome and accessible meals in each episode, using ingredients we know are available in the shops, accompanied by tips for cooks of all levels.

“Viewers will be able to pose questions and also offer up their own advice.

“There will also be an opportunity to challenge Matt and Jack to come up with ideas using what they have lurking in their cupboards, and show their own efforts."

When is it on TV?

Daily Kitchen Live will air on BBC One every weekday at 10am for two weeks from Monday, April 13, 2020.