AS well as a little emptier, the streets of Colchester are looking a little bit brighter at the moment...

Not just because spring has finally sprung in north Essex but because youngsters have been decorating their windows with colourful rainbows bringing rays of hope.

We might all be inside under Government lockdown orders but children are doing their best to spread a little bit of cheer.

The rainbow craze, called Rainbow Trail, has been sweeping the nation as well as further afield.

Hundreds of thousands are now part of social media groups dedicated to the trend.

As well as painting and colouring rainbows for display in their home’s windows children have also been trying to share inspiring messages to get us through the dark days we’re facing.

Tributes to frontline NHS staff and key workers have been springing up across Colchester, along with inspirational quotes from history.

Each week the Rainbow Trail is also setting kids the task of creating something based around a specific theme.

We’ve got to do our best to stay upbeat and positive during these, the most unprecedented of times, and the younger residents of the town are certainly doing their bit to help too.

Please send pictures of your young one’s rainbows to