A new arrival is settling in well at Colchester Zoo after arriving days before the coronavirus lockdown.

A male Fennec Fox named Otis who has joined resident female Sammy.

Otis, who is just 20 months old, has come to the zoo from Riga Zoo in Latvia.

He arrived on March 16 and has already been introduced to his new companion.

Keeper Emma said: "Upon introducing the pair Sammy came across first and Otis showed interest but Sammy was a little unsure and kept her distance.

"Each day since they have seemed to to be getting closer and closer. Otis is so adorable, he interacts with enrichment we put in and loves his bugs."

The smallest of all the foxes, the Fennec Fox is easily recognisable due to it’s large ears.

A fully grown Fennec fox weighs scarcely 1.5kg and is between 24 and 41cm long, compared to the British Red Fox which weighs

around 5kg.