Wednesday 25th March

Only 8 pupils today.

We continue to provide “grab and go” packed lunches for children not in school but eligible for free school meals.

We will continue to do this until the government launches its e-voucher system.

A few inquiries with the LA and NAHT uncover that the scheme will be rolled out on Monday 30th. Details will follow apparently.

We often curse social media for many of its negative influences but it is proving a force for good so far as is all the forms of electronic communication.

Parents and staff are actually reading what I send out!

We have received some lovely emails from parents which we are sharing through our newsletters.

And links to facebook pages and websites are giving people lots of ideas and support.

Thursday 26th March

12 pupils today.

We are scaling back the number of staff we have working with the children but we still need other non-teaching roles to continue.

It is the busiest time of the year for the office. They have to sort out financial ‘year end’, tie up new contracts and put the new budget on the system.

On top of this they have had to introduce new Covid-19 related attendance record systems for Essex County Council and the Government.

For reasons of self-isolation we are down to only one member of the kitchen team able to work.

Fingers crossed she and her family remain healthy until her colleagues can return.

Many schools are struggling with their cleaning contractors for a variety of Covid 19 reasons – from staff shortage to shortage of supplies. We are very lucky.

We have The Hughes Corporation. Pete and Mary Hughes are husband and wife so can work without worrying about the 2m rule.

They are making sure the school is sparkle-clean. Go Team North!

More good news to cheer up everybody, thanks to Firstsite.

Cliqq, a local media company has made a film of a day in the life of our reception classes which we planned to show to our September 2020 starters in May.

That is looking unlikely.

So, we will be holding the Film’s Premiere in September for the 60 little stars of the film, and families too of course, in the Firstsite cinema.

We will all dress to impress, there will be paparrazi and an after-party. Something special to look forward to.

Friday 27th March

11 pupils today.

I received an email last night.

Here is a bit of it, “As we are drawing near to the first week of closure (non closure) I just wanted to say a big thank you.

"It just helped me so much knowing that you were all looking after [my daughter] and happy to do so I could then do my job as a nurse and help the system without worrying about her.

"A big thank you to all the staff that have been in this week too with their creative teaching, play and food. North is so community orientated and all of us that have children there are very lucky.”

I shared this message with staff who then went out into their streets at 8.00pm to clap and cheer for the NHS with even more passion.

Emails like that are a clear reminder of how vital the NHS is at the present time.

A delivery arrived today from Carli Norris, parent, actress and entrepreneur (Chocodolly). She has made face masks for staff. What a lovely gesture. Greatly appreciated.