TICKETHOLDERS who were left in a state of uncertainty after events were postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic can now look forward to rescheduled dates.

Entertainment spaces in Colchester such as the Arts Centre, Charter Hall, Firstsite and the Mercury Theatre, were forced to close following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Booking agents and tour promoters were quite rightly pulling their artists’ upcoming gigs at a rapid rate and the events industry has taken a financial hit because of it.

As a result, many of the items on the venues’ programmes for the forthcoming months, were either immediately postponed or cancelled completely.

This, understandably, left hundreds of gig-goers, who had already spent money on tickets, in limbo questioning whether they would ever get to see their favourite artists.

However, one performing arts venue, Charter Hall, has now issued a list of gigs which speedy event organisers have already been able to reschedule.

Spandau Ballet star and former EastEnders actor, Martin Kemp, was due to perform at Cowdray Avenue venue on April 3, but will now take to the stage on Halloween.

The comedic cackle of funny man Jimmy Carr, presenter of 8 out of 10 Cats, would have been heard on April 16, but is now booked in for August 29.

Later in the year, the venue was due to host Live Milkshake Monkeys, Mark Billy Billingham, and One Night With Elvis, throughout May.

But these shows have now been moved to August 16 and November 12 next year, and January 22 next year.

The hot, summer night of June 19 would have got a little steamier with a performance from Dreamboys, but the playful strippers will now have to do the deed on August 21.

The Comedy Store, which sees a line-up of stand-ups try their best to split the sides of audience members was scheduled for April 24, but will no longer take place, in addition to the The following night would have seen tribute band the New York Bee Gees perform all the much-loved hits of the Australian pop group.

But this too has now been cancelled and it is unknown when they will return to Colchester.

Controversial comedian, Jim Davidson, on the other hand, who is supposed to currently be on a tour of the country, is still booked to ruffle a few feathers at Charter Hall, but now on November 7.

Tickets for his show cost “£26 plus booking fee.

To find out more information about forthcoming shows, rescheduled dates, or claiming a refund for any shows which have been cancelled, visit colchester-events.co.uk.