A DOCTOR arrived home from a gruelling shift to find her house had been burgled.

The NHS worker, who looks after psychiatric patients but could find herself moved to the frontline of the fight against coronavirus as the situation worsens, could not open the door when she returned to her house in Heath Road, Lexden, on Wednesday.

Crooks had moved the furniture to barricade it and then ransacked the top floor, taking cash and jewellery.

The doctor, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the raid had a significant impact on her.

“I think the burglars were still there when I arrived,” she said.

“I looked at the back of the property and all the glass had been smashed so I called the police.

“They arrived and made sure it was safe to go inside.

“I have to give my best when I am at work.

“How can I rest at home when people are breaking in?

“I have received great support - the police have been very helpful and so have my friends and neighbours but it is difficult.

“I need to have a restful time at home to care for my patients.”

Some of the stolen items had sentimental value and will be difficult to replace.

“The worst thing is every single file and folder has been opened and thrown on the floor,” she said.

“There is a heap of documents in my study.

“They took some cash - not a huge amount - and some jewellery which is dear to me.

“It was expensive because it is gold but that is not the main thing.

“It is traumatic to come home and find that.

“I have not had the heart and the energy to try to tidy it up yet because I went back to work the next day, and then again the day after that.

“The environment we are working in at the moment with Covid-19 is so uncertain.

“We could be redeployed at any time.

“Everybody is on high alert.

“I need to be able to be at the best of my ability and need to function properly for my patients.”

Anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area between 5pm and 6pm on Wednesday should call police on 101.