A CHARITY has promised to be on the frontline providing focused support during "worrying and unprecedented times" for residents across north Essex.

Community360, which is based in Colchester but also operates in Braintree, will operate as a information hub for community and outreach services whilst the coronavirus outbreak is ongoing.

The charity says it will work with its partners to provide advice and support about what is happening in the area with the aim of connecting those who need assistance during the pandemic.

Tracy Rudling, chief executive officer of Community360, said: "I know these are the most worrying and unprecedented times for us all.

"I didn’t foresee in my lifetime needing to make such difficult and, at times, possibly life changing decisions which may affect my organisation and the wider workforce and community which my wonderful team continues to support and serve.

"Whilst we are ensuring we take full direction from the Government each day, and will act accordingly, keeping everyone safe, at the moment we are delivering a changing service and responding to the needs of a diverse population."

Community360's One Colchester hub, in Culver Street East, has been repurposed from a meeting place to a collection and distribution point to provide help for the most vulnerable residents.

The charity will also continue running its social prescription and community transport services.

Ms Rudling said:"It is important members attend their therapy and health appointments, we will be there for this and to continue to support the hospital with discharge and wrapped around befriending support."

The charity has its network of 900 volunteers ready and raring to deliver support where it is most needed but more volunteers are always welcomed.

Ms Rudling said: "Please, if you can help get in touch, we would really welcome your support if you are able to volunteer your services.

"It is important our wonderful proactive groups continue to work together in a co-ordinated effort to get the best use of what will become sparse resources.

"We have a critical role to play in helping the wider population to meet the potential crisis, but we will need support, communication and engagement to do so effectively."

Visit community360.org.uk.