IT’S breakfast time and flocks of hungry swans gather together in Mistley.

Every morning, dedicated volunteers ensure the graceful birds are fed.

But the volunteers, who are a part of Swanwatch, are in need of financial help over the coming months.

Alex Smith, who is part of the volunteer group, said: “The swans are being fed daily by the good will of volunteers but if they fall ill we will need some help.”

Mrs Smith is asking for people’s financial support to help the group buy feed for the swans or residents’ time to join Swanwatch to feed the birds.

She added: “We do get feed from EDME, which is generous but now is a difficult time for everybody and we rely on donations.

“Hopefully we can inch forward until May when the food the swans naturally eat is in abundance until September.”

Mrs Smith said the birds normally start nesting nearby in May and volunteers are off duty until the autumn.

There are more than 100 swans in Mistley which are fed daily and about 50 are currently nesting.

Mrs Smith added: “We used to get about 30 to 40 signets a year but due to climate change and water levels rising often washing eggs away we only had ten last year.”

If you can help call 01206 397251 or 01206 395336.