FIREFIGHTERS have issued yet another warning about bonfires and using incinerators after a third fire in the Clacton area in less than a week.

Two crews from Clacton were called to an outbuilding on fire in Coppins Road, Clacton, on Tuesday at 4.25pm.

On arrival, crews reported the roof space of an outbuilding, measuring 20metres by 10metres, was completely alight.

Crews extinguished the fire by 5.10pm and were able to contain the damage to the roof space of the outbuilding.

The fire started after an incinerator fire spread to the outbuilding.

Speaking following the latest blaze, watch manager Jim Bowyer, from Clacton Fire Station, said: “This is the third bonfire related fire we’ve been to this week in the area and I’d really like to urge the public to follow our advice when it comes to bonfires and using incinerators.

“Please never leave them unattended and always have water nearby.”

It came after fire crews issued advice following a rise in outdoor incidents.

Crews had been called to Pilcox Hall Lane in Tendring at about 9.15am on Monday.

On arrival, crews reported that a barn, measuring 25metres by 10metres, was completely alight.

Crews evacuated people from nearby homes and put out the fire by 10.30am.

An investigation found the blaze started after an incinerator fire spread to a nearby barn, which was completely destroyed during the fire.

Advice includes siting bonfires well away from houses, garages, sheds, fences, overhead cables, trees and shrubs and never leaving the bonfire burning unattended.

Stacks should be built so that it is stable and will not collapse outwards or to one side.

Residents are also advised to never use flammable liquids - paraffin or petrol - to light the fire and not to burn foam-filled furniture, aerosols, tins of paint and bottles.

People should keep everyone away from the fire, especially children, who must be supervised at all times.

Water should also be poured on the embers before leaving.