SO now all pubs, clubs, restaurants, gyms, theatres, cinemas and so on are shut down.

All sporting events have already shut down.

Even “non-essential shops” are now to be closed.

The financial markets are tumbling at a rate not seen for nearly two decades and those of us who are over 70 have effectively been put under house arrest.

We are told that this is the worst crisis since the Second World War and that we should emulate the “1940s Spirit” and all act as one.

Well that’s all very well, but this is a totally different situation to 1940.

In 1940, my parents’ generation were subjected to incessant bombing and night after night had to huddle together in makeshift Anderson Shelters, cellars, or London Tube stations.

A great sense of community was the result.

What we are being asked to do now is the opposite.

We are being asked to isolate ourselves from one another.

My parents’ generation didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

Not many of them had telephones either. We do.

We are able to use all this modern (and not so modern) technology to keep in touch with each other, support each other, and maintain a sense of community through what might be a long period.

Let’s forget the “1940s Spirit” and invent the “2020s Spirit”!

Alan Lake

Orchard Close, Ramsey