A PAIR of exotic geese found in a concerned couple’s garden as chicks are in need of rehoming.

Egyptian geese Dennis and Ciara have been looked after by Gill Lewis from animal rescue charity WeCare Manningtree for the past few weeks.

The birds were found in a couple’s garden near High Street in Manningtree.

Debbie Burrows, who set up WeCare with Mrs Lewis last year, believes they were abandoned by their parents in the high winds.

The birds were named after storms Dennis and Ciara which battered the area at the time the chicks were found.

Debbie said: “As they are a non-native breed will we be looking to rehome them in an appropriate private home with a pond

“We rescued them when they were only a few days old and watching them grow has been amazing.

“We are still running as a rescue at WeCare through this crisis even though Gill has been in self-isolation as she has a vulnerable daughter who suffers with Angelman syndrome.”

The charity has asked that if anyone finds an injured animal to take it to the vet.

But Debbie, of Oxford Road, Manningtree, is still able to go out and deal with any animals in need and can be contacted on the charity’s Facebook page.

She added: “We were going to release our hedgehogs to schools who would going to have them in their school gardens but as the schools have all closed we made the decision to release them in our own garden as they need regular support with feeding.

“We have also been offered a bit of land in Weeley that we are hoping to develop into a little holding area for injured wildlife.

“We are still taking donations of feed and are also helping other rescues in the area that are really struggling at the moment with food supplies and bedding.”

Visit WeCare Manningtree on Facebook to get in touch with Debbie or Gill.