AN enthralling hip-hop collective and exhilarating live experience in their own right, Colchester’s Monster Florence do not need anyone to prop them up.

But on their latest single, the slick six-piece have added a more accessible smoothness to an otherwise jagged edge by enlisting an established indie veteran.

On Picture Frame, which is available now to stream and download, Monster Florence’s grime traits are paired-up with the charismatic aura and flush vocal of Miles Kane.

Famed for his award-winning work as part of the Last Shadow Puppets, alongside Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner, Kane’s presence on the release’s chorus is infectious.

His inclusion makes for a box office addition to the band’s already accomplished repertoire, but the industry glamour doesn’t just start and stop with Liverpudlian.

Monster Florence’s three main mouthpieces, Alex Osiris, Dream McClean, and Wallace Rice, all ooze star quality as they lyrically swagger their way through the wonky grooves.

Their self-assured, melodic struts ooze rock star confidence, which makes for a compelling listen in a world full of inoffensive, and merely pleasant, piano ballads.

Elsewhere, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Tom Donovan, also helps to individualise this track, with interweaving Beatles-esque strings and warped vocal effects.

Johnny Poole’s synths see the chorus glimmer, while Cameron Morrell stitches it all together seamlessly with chugging beats and bongos during the psychedelic middle-eight.

Gazette: Picture: Geoff LawrencePicture: Geoff Lawrence

Speaking about Picture Frame, frontman Alex said the both the track, and its guest slot from Kane, came together somewhat by chance.

“Picture Frame was accident waiting to happen,” he said.

“I came in with the idea for the song and chorus and did a demo with myself and Tom.

“The same day, we had Miles in for a writing session and asked him if he wanted to have a go at the chorus.

“He smashed it, of course, and that was that - we got the verses finished and tracked and the song was done.”

Monster Florence have already released two studio albums since forming back in 2016.

But Kane, who also featured on the group’s 2019 track Thunderclouds, believes Picture Frame is their best work yet.

He said: “Basically when I heard the demo, to me it was the best song I had heard from the lads.

“A killer mix of rap and Beatles vibe - it’s fresh and grabs you.”

Listen to Picture Frame, which is out now via Project Melody, here.

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