WORRIED relatives of elderly loved ones who are currently on lockdown in care homes have been sent heart-warming messages.

The Corner Lodge Care Home in Jaywick, like so many others across the country, has now opted to completely stop visits in response to the unrelenting outbreak of Covid-19.

So far, the deadly coronavirus has infected more than 5,800 people in the UK and has led to more than 300 deaths nationwide.

Government scientists have ruled elderly residents and those living with underlying health conditions are most vulnerable and considered most at risk.

But, in a bid to keep spirits high and communication between loved ones and relatives ongoing, Corner Lodge has taken positive action.

During an exercise, residents were asked to write a message on a piece of paper, reassuring those outside of the home who are concerned for their wellbeing.

On one of the moving notes, elderly resident Leslie, writes, “I miss you. Hope to see you soon”, while Lillian says, “I am happy here. I am well looked after.”

The home has also set-up tablets with Skype, so video calls can be made to and from loved ones and the home’s telephone can always be used for a spirit-lifting chat.

During these uncertain times, Gemma East, care home manager, says it is essential for residents and relatives to maintain contact as best they can.

“People have been saying it is a really lovely and great thing to do and I think it is vitally important to keep their loved ones informed,” she said.

“It is worrying times but we don’t want it to be all doom and gloom and we want to reassure relatives and the residents everything is OK.

“It is rare, but we have had to shut down the care home to visitors in the past, so it isn’t unusual for us and we want relatives to know we are prepared.

“We want to help in any way we can and this has been a good way of everyone keeping in touch.”

The variety and number of internal activities in which residents can engage with has also been increased in a bid to make self-isolation a little bit more fun.

Throughout the week, staff members host film nights with popcorn, pub quizzes with beer and nibbles, karaoke nights and painting sessions.

Gemma said: “Our activities will continue to keep spirits high during this time and there is loads of things to do.

“The residents are all still being brilliant and feeling really good and they still seem to be enjoying themselves like usual.”