CLACTON MP Giles Watling is no longer in self-isolation after contracting what he believed could have been symptoms of coronavirus.

The parliamentarian addressed his followers and constituents last Monday during a video message in which he said he was suffering with a cough and a temperature.

Mr Watling announced that he had taken it upon himself to quarantine within his home, alongside his wife, to prevent the possible spread of Covid-19.

During his time in self-isolation, the MP worked from home, as did his staff, but he is now back on the streets and meeting people, while keeping a sufficient distance.

He is also ensuring he wears a surgical mask and gloves when he leaves the house, as it remains unconfirmed whether or not he has actually had the virus.

Mr Watling said: “I have served my time and in theory I should no longer need to be incubating, but, of course, we still don’t know if I actually had coronavirus.

"I am quite rightly not the first on the list to be tested, because frontline workers should be. 

"But when the antibody gets rolled-out, it will be a game changer because we will be able to tell who has had the virus.

“It feels extraordinary to be out and there is a sense of freedom.

"I am fortunate I have a garden, but it would have been more unpleasant if I didn’t.

“I am still carrying out a form of self-isolation when I can, by wearing gloves and a mask – it might not look cool, but why not be as protected as you can?

“There is a lot of people carrying on as usual, but we need get the message out there that people must stay indoors if they can.

"We all need to be safe and act sensibly.”