RUFFLED residents have been spitting feathers about plans to build a chicken farm with concerns the development would generate unacceptable smells.

AH Brown Farms has lodged plans with Tendring Council to build two agricultural buildings for poultry production on land north west of Redhouse Farm, in Oakley Road, Wix.

The proposal includes building two chicken houses measuring 110 metres by 20 metres each, with control rooms, feeding bins, water and gas tanks.

The proposed farm will be accessed from Oakley Road via a new entrance which will be created as part of the scheme.

But a number of residents have objected to the plans on Tendring Council’s planning portal, citing worries over “the awful smell of chicken farms” and the impact of heavy goods vehicles.

Adrian Cade, of Clacton Road, Wix, said in his objection the plans will create more heavy traffic on the roads which is not suitable.

He added: “Chicken farms produce an awful smell.”

Brian Harmer, of Oakley Road, Wix, said: “Many of the properties in Oakley Road are of older construction and close to the road which, even without the increased volume of HGV traffic that will use the road, suffer from traffic noise and, where heavy vehicles pass, vibration.

“Whilst this vibration doesn’t appear to affect the integrity of the structure, it is noticeable.

“Chicken farms are notoriously awfully smelly and this would affect quality of life particularly in the summer and when the wind is from the north east.

“Whilst the application appears to conform with environmental and traffic regulations and are within noise, traffic and smell pollution limits there is a human aspect where loss of amenity to residents of Oakley Road could easily be incurred by this construction.”

The design and access statement submitted to Tendring Council said the applicant was granted an environmental permit by the Environmental Agency.

It said: “It said on completion of an initial feasibility study, indications from the research and consultation process provided a degree of confidence the proposed development would comply with the relevant planning and environmental policies.”

Tendring Council has the final say on the plans.