STUDENTS got up close and personal with all things science as part of a special science week.

Youngsters at St Mary’s School in Colchester were given a raised awareness of STEM careers girls can aspire to in their Science Week.

Fingerprint expert Mike Spore kicked off the week at the senior school with a demonstration to Year 8 students about key forensic science techniques.

Principal Hilary Vipond said: “We’ve had a wonderful variety of scientific experiences on offer to both out lower school and senior school girls during British Science Week.

“I don’t think I have ever witnessed as many practical science activities.

“It was quite a spectacle to see the girls in action, particularly when they turned their hands to organ dissection.”

Medical Mavericks also delivered a hands-on workshop to Year nine and 11 students.

The students tried keyhole surgery, looked inside their bodies with the ultrasound machine and took pictures of the inside of their eye while some students had a go at dissecting a heart.