BRAVE firefighters tackled a blaze for more than four hours after a large farmer’s barn packed with 250 tonnes of hay and straw became engulfed in flames.

Essex County Fire and Rescue crews from Clacton, Weeley, Colchester and Brightlingsea were called to Rectory Road, Weeley, just before 9am on Thursday.

Firefighters had received reports that an agricultural building was completely on fire.

On arrival crews found a barn, which measured around 30m by 15m, filled with around 250 tonnes of hay and straw.

The structure was 100 per cent ablaze, so firefighters immediately started to protect the surrounding area from fire spread.

Eventually, the barn fire was brought under control and by 2pm crews reported that they were allowing the hay and straw to burn under control.

They then continued to dampen down the area until it was completely extinguished and safe.

An investigation will now take place to determine the cause of the fire.