ANGRY wildlife lovers have now launched a campaign to get an eyesore container removed after it was dumped next to a delicate nature reserve.

Pauline Chumbley, who lives in Wash Lane, Walton, slammed the Essex Wildlife Trust after a 20ft metal container appeared next to the Barnes Spinney.

The large, blue unit, which is positioned only a stone’s throw from Ms Chumbley’s house, is said to be used to store a wheelbarrow, shovel, and small lawnmower.

Previously, a spokesman for the Essex Wildlife Trust said it was looking to work with Ms Chumbley in order to find the best possible outcome for both parties.

But after failing to find a middle ground, a petition has now been launched which will ask managers to remove the rusty and unsightly shipping container.

“I am delighted and heartened to see a petition being organised,” she said.

“Many local people are in support of my aim to keep the nature reserve a quit, tranquil and beautiful spot for our precious wildlife.”

For the past 30 years, Ms Chumbley has been a member of the Essex Wildlife Trust and would always ensure no unauthorised personnel disturbed the nature reserve.

But since refusing to move the container, the relationship between the organisation and Ms Chumbley has now sadly turned sour.

The determined campaigner now believes she has found a flaw in the trust’s argument and it is in breach of regulations.

“I have discovered that Essex Wildlife Trust is in breach of the original planning consent given by Tendring Council in 1999,” she Ms Chumbley.

“It clearly places restrictions on the size of any metal container. The one they just installed is a lot bigger than they were given permission for.

“I have contacted the enforcement team at Tendring Council to ask that action be taken.”

The Barnes Spinney was donated to the Essex Wildlife Trust by a lady called Mrs Barnes after she died, so Ms Chumbley has also ordered a copy of her will.

Tendring Council said it would look into the matter.

A spokesman said: “The authority will investigate the matter and take further action as necessary, which may include seeking a retrospective planning application if deemed appropriate.”

A spokesman from Essex Wildlife Trust said the original container has been replaced due to health and safety issues and the new unit would be painted green to improve its appearance.

“The location of the unit was determined through the original planning application and must not be altered. 

“The Trust has been in contact with local residents and sympathise with concerns regarding the appearance.”