Fed-up residents are getting steamed up about their street being used as a rat-run - by trains.

Huge engines used to carry out track repairs are being carried out of Colchester North Station on the backs of giant lorries.

The route takes them down narrow Three Crowns Road, within feet of old Victorian houses, before heading out on to Bergholt Road.

Myland parish councillor Martin Goss said: "Residents are up in arms about it because the pavement keeps getting damaged - it's a blooming nuisance!"

The engines are taken by road to a depot in Kent. Balfour Beatty, which is carrying out track maintenance for Network Rail, says the engines can't travel under their own steam by rail because of weekend engineering work on the London main line.

Balfour Beatty has pledged to give residents advance warning of when trains will be transported down Three Crowns Road in future.

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