WATER, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

Golfers would have to wear swimming costumes instead of their usual kit if they wanted to play on the greens of Frinton Golf Club as they are under water.

Both the famous golf club and neighbouring Frinton Tennis Club have been left submerged after 16mm of torrential rain fell in a matter of hours.

The golf course was already saturated from repeated deluges and has now been closed.

Michael Clarke, Frinton Golf Club manager, said the club, which has 950 members, was making the best out of a bad situation.

He said: “Despite the flooding to the course, the club will remain open and more will be put on for members and non-members to enjoy while the course is out of use.

“Regular functions, Rotary events and afternoon teas will still remain.”

He added: “While it does damage us a little bit, we will use the time to improve other areas while it is not as busy.

“The club has been crying out for a refurbishment to the car park so resurfacing and repainting will take place and will be ready by the time the course reopens.

“It will monitored day to day but our next inspection falls on March 18 so we expect the course to be open after then.”

Frinton Tennis Club chairman and TalkRADIO presenter James Max said the club, which has about 650 members, had also suffered due to the prolonged rainfall.


He said: “There’s been a huge amount of rain this winter.

“The storms which have rolled in over recent weeks have saturated the ground.

“It was a bit of a near miss this time. Our clubhouse was spared and flooding was restricted to our outside courts.

“Hopefully the water will drain away quickly and we can get back to preparing our amazing grass courts for the summer season.”

Last month was the wettest February on record for the UK and the fifth wettest of any calendar month since 1862. In Essex, 76.1mm of rainfall fell compared to the average of 39.7mm.

The country was hit by storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge which brought heavy rainfall on to saturated ground.