A FILMMAKER has called a wrap on filming for his ambitious micro budget disaster movie debut.

Secretly filmed on farmland in Ardleigh, Colchester director Dominic Morgan’s thriller Faith is set to premiere this winter.

Starring Frank Jakeman, of Game of Thrones fame, and Leona Clarke, star of An Inspector Calls, Mr Morgan describes the film as “the most claustrophobic cinema experience ever”.

He said: “We apologise to several people who twitched their curtains at us and wondered if the Back to the Future car, or something out of close encounters was roaming the streets in the dead of night.

“It was imperative we found a secure location to film in, due to nature of the production.

“We filmed our driving scenes in the middle of the night, due to any potential disruption from our mounted vehicle lights and general presence in the area.

“We converted a large barn into an exterior crash site and the majority of the movie was filmed in the freezing cold in the midst of, not one, but two, storms and constant rain.

“There were no otherworldly visitations, sorry, just a rag tag film crew getting their shots in the middle of the night.”

Gazette: Colchester Filmmaker Dominic Morgan Colchester Filmmaker Dominic Morgan

A percentage of profits from the film will support the Sick Children’s Trust, in memory of Mr Morgan’s late daughter Jodi, 12, who died after suffering from aplastic anaemia.

Money will also go to Dementia UK, as Mr Morgan’s elderly father’s deteriorating health due to the condition helped to inspire the movie.

Mr Morgan, who himself has struggled with his mental health, says he brought his crew together from marginalised backgrounds like those on the autism spectrum or with PTSD.

Colchester Institute student Jamie Wright, 16, was one of several teenagers to take part.

“This experience has honestly been such a highlight for my life,” he said.

“From just working on a film set for two weeks, I have learnt and grown so much more developing new skills.

“It has been a surreal feeling to me, my younger self could have never believed what is possible now.”

Mr Morgan is now looking to raise cash to complete the film and take it to festivals around the world and he hopes to secure a deal with Netflix or the like.

Businesses are being sought to sponsor the film in return for front or back end credits and DVDs.

Tickets to the Firstsite red carpet premiere in Colchester are available for pre-order.

Visit faith-movie.co.uk to support the film or watch a trailer.