HARWICH and North Essex’s MP has warned imposing a restrictions on travel due to the coronavirus could have a serious effect on the economy.

Sir Bernard Jenkin told the Gazette the risk of creating an economic crisis was high.

He said: “If you stop people flying the economy will really take a hit.

“So there is a balance to be struck, and at the moment the risk is low.”

To keep the risk low Sir Bernard has urged residents to follow medical guidance to prevent the potentially deadly virus spreading further.

He said people should regularly wash their hands, and wash them after they have touched items like shopping trollies or door handles.

“Of course, there is serious concern about how this might develop and the Government and the NHS and the local authorities are planning for the worst case scenario,” Sir Bernard added.

“Hypothetically it could make everyone safe by telling people to not leave their homes, but that is a measure out of all proportions to the risk.

“What everyone is hoping for is the warmer weather which will reduce the likelihood of the infection spreading.

“That is because the climate will be dryer, and more people will be outside and there are less colds in the spring.”