A FEMINIST political party has hit out at plans for a new “adult cabaret” club in Colchester, claiming such venues reinforce sexual harassment and domestic abuse.

North Essex Women’s Equality Party is objecting to Solo Summers’ proposals to turn the former Embassy Oriental Buffet, in Balkerne Hill, into a “sex entertainment venue”.

The Colchester based group says such “gentleman’s clubs” promote the sexual objectification of women as well as misogyny, sexism and outdated attitudes towards women.

Kim Cullen, chair of North Essex Women’s Equality Party, said: “We have problems within our society which are reinforced by venues such as this such as sexual harassment and domestic abuse, two women killed every week by a male partner, young men viewing pornography showing women in submissive and humiliating roles, and young girls worrying about being raped.

“We still do not have an equal number of men and women at the top of our businesses, in local government or in Parliament to resist these venues, and understand what the problem is.

“We call upon Colchester Council to throw this planning application out into the dustbin where it belongs.”

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Since the plans were revealed last week, objections have started to flood in.

However Ian Saunders, who created the business in memory of his wife Solo Saunders, a renowned South African dancer who passed away a year anda-half ago, says the business is for all genders and sexual orientations.

He said: “I fully appreciate and understand all objections received in respect of the perceived inequality of women.

But this is really not the case whatsoever as this is something I am totally against and is certainly not something Solo Summers stands for or will ever stand for.

“The problem is that there are two stages in this process.

“Unfortunately a change of use to a ‘sexual entertainment venue’ without knowing the exact licensable activities can understandably leave one thinking the worst as to what the premises is actually looking to be.”

Mr Saunders says the premises will host both male and female dance shows, burlesque and drag acts on different nights.

“The Solo Summers concept is actually about having a great entertaining night out within a safe environment and certainly not the promotion of the inequality of women,” he said.

“[We want] to address the dated gentleman membership club stigma and actually bring people together regardless of their gender or their sexual orientation to enjoy a great evening of entertainment.”