CAMPAIGNERS have hit out at a developer after plans for another 100 home new estate on West Mersea were revealed.

Mersea Homes has applied to Colchester Council for outline planning permission to create the new estate off Dawes Lane.

The application follows hot on the heals of City & Country’s plans to build 100 new homes at Brierley Paddocks, which was rubber stamped by the authority’s planning committee on Thursday.

John Akker, of the Stop350 campaign group, said residents had had enough.

“We are extremely disappointed and concerned this application has been put forward,” he said.

“Like the application for Brierley Paddocks, which was approved by one vote, this represents the most significant planning application for Mersea in a generation.

“The only way to deal with proposed new housing on Mersea is to have a full review before an inspector.

“We have 54 pages of data on the impact on Mersea which have never been considered.

“Mersea is in effect a cul-de-sac with one tidal entry and is hugely affected by rising sea levels.

“It is regretful Mersea Homes has not waited for the inspector who is due to sit later this year.”

The 10.2 hectare site, which is about the size of ten rugby pitches, is on existing agricultural land.

The size of the homes on offer will be decided at a later stage, however Mersea Homes says 30 per cent, or 30 will be affordable.

Access will be created from Dawes Lane and the developer has promised upgrades to communities facilities, recreation and healthcare facilities.

The planning report said: “The development would deliver significant levels of public open space, which is in excess of the need arising from the development and would not only contribute to meeting its own need but will provide an important local resource which will enhance and complement existing neighbouring facilities at the Glebe.

“The proposed scheme provides an opportunity to facilitate and enhance community facilities for the benefit of the wider community.”

Residents were consulted on the proposals last year.