A FAMILY has finally been able to move back into their home FOUR months after an Audi ploughed through its walls while they slept.

Terry Spires, 43, his wife Vicky, 49, and stepson Frank Hollingshead, 25, were woken up when a blue Audi smashed into the side of their home in Wignall Street, Lawford, back in October.

The car careered into Frank’s downstairs bedroom - narrowly missing him as he slept.

Luckily no-one was badly hurt but the car left a trail of destruction and debris behind, making the home inhabitable until repair work was carried out.

The family hoped to move back home to the house they rented before Christmas as they were informed repair work would take about six weeks.


But they only moved back earlier this month.

Mr Spires said: “We stayed at Vicky’s sister’s house, and then we ended up going away and we had to cut our holiday short to move into an Air BnB.

“We were there for about three months and then we had had to move out into our camper van.

“We then stayed with family before I told our landlord we were homeless.

“It’s been stressful for four months.”

Since moving back home, the family has started sorting out the living room, but Mr Spires claimed his bedroom still looks like a “building site”.


Three walls had to be rebuilt which were damaged from the crash and the family is having to buy a new sofa and bed as their furniture was ruined.

Mr Spires added: “We hoped we would have been able to move back in by Christmas.

“I was working as a manager but I have stepped down because I was so stressed.

“You don’t understand how these things might affect you until you are put in this position.”

He said living in an Air BnB and having to buy new furniture has been a huge expense.

“We did not think for one second it would take four months to move back home as we were told building work would take about six weeks,” Mr Spires added.


He said issues with insurance put the work on hold.

He added: “My stepson still thinks about the crash a lot and we just don’t know if it will happen again.

“I just want to get back to normal and start pushing for speeding signs to be installed on the road outside.

“I don’t feel it will be safe until something is done on that corner.

“I believe if it can happen once it can happen again.”