UNSOLD creations from an art sale with a twist have been given a new lease of life at a state-of-the-art cancer centre.

Kathy Norris held the Secret Art Sale to raise money for the the Collingwood Centre, which opened at Colchester Hospital last year.

But when the centre opened Kathy noticed an empty wall in the corridor which links the main hospital to Gainsborough wing and set about designing a way to fill it.

It saw her use unsold art from previous sales to create a 7ft by 4ft collage.

The pictures were cut into business card sized pieces and glued down to make the patchwork style piece.

Each painting can still be identified and all the artists who have contributed to the Secret Art Sale since its inception are named on the notice beside it.

So far Kathy has raised over £20,000 for the Cancer Centre Campaign which was supported by the Gazette.

Colchester’s third Secret Art Sale returns this weekend at The Minories in Colchester.

To mark 2020, every original piece will be sized 20x20cm.

Artists and celebrities from across the region were invited to contribute a painting, drawing, print or design, which are sold secretly.


Buyers know who’s contributed to the sale but not which piece has been drawn, painted or designed by whom.

This year, the sale is in support of the hospital’s Cancer Wellbeing Centre.

The centre will provide on-going support, information and counselling services and complementary therapies for patients and their families.

Kathy said: “The support once again has been fantastic with more than 300 pieces of art donated to the sale.

“Each piece is the same size and sold at one price, £40.

“People can buy a piece of totally original art they love, not knowing whether it’s by a famous artist, a celebrity or someone who’s going to be the next big name.”

She added: “Most of us know someone who has experienced cancer.

“The new Collingwood Centre and Cancer Wellbeing Centre are first class and have made a huge difference to the patients and staff.

“I am so pleased that the Secret Art Sale is able to contribute so much.”

A preview evening takes place today.

The Secret Art Sale is open for purchases from 10am to 5pm tomorrow and Saturday.