Essex has been used as a filming location for dozens of films and TV shows across the years.

But did you know some well known blockbusters have also had scenes filmed at locations across Essex.

Here is a list of some which used the county as their backdrop.

Batman Begins– Coalhouse Fort

In the 2005 reboot of the caped crusader, the ‘Bhutanese’ prison in which Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) hits rock-bottom before being found by Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson), is actually Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury.

The Victorian fort, built around 1870, was intended to protect London from French invaders and now stands in a pleasant green park on the north bank of the Thames, protected by its moat.

The Queen - Southend Airport

The airport was the backdrop for a famous scene from Oscar-winning 2006 movie the Queen, where Prince Charles landed in England after flying from Paris following Princess Diana’s death.

The Mercy – Maldon

The Mercy was filmed in and around Maldon back in 2015.

Both Firth and co-star Weisz filmed on the River Blackwater, in Downs Road Boatyard, Promenade Park and at the Old Ironworks buildings at Fullbridge.

Maldon boat builder Jim Dines’s firm Heritage Marine at Downs Road Boatyard, recreated Crowhurst’s trimaran boat for the movie.

Yesterday - Clacton/Frinton

Residents got the chance to appear as extras when Danny Boyle filmed in Clacton and Frinton.

Yesterday, stars Ex-Eastenders star Himesh Patel and Mamma Mia’s Lily James.

The fantasy comedy, expected to be one of the biggest movie releases of the year, sees Jack Malik, a struggling singer-songwriter from Clacton, propelled to stardom after awaking from an accident as the only person in the world who remembers the songs of the Beatles.

Trailers for the movie released this week show Patel’s character Jack busking on the end of Clacton Pier and in Clacton Town Square, with landmarks such as the Magic City arcade visible in the background.

They filmed near the Walings beach huts in Frinton, where some lucky locals got the chance to appear in the film as extras.

Mission: Impossible Fallout - Brentwood

Hollywood star Tom Cruise filmed scenes for the sixth instalment of the movie franchise in Thorndon Country Park, Brentwood.

Pictures circulated of Cruise climbing out of a helicopter in a leafy lane on location.

Wonder Woman - Southend

A scene from the 2017 remake with Gal Gadot features a scene shot in Southend.

Where Diana, Steve and Charlie cross the bridge was filmed in the seaside town.

World War Z - East Hanningfield

Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt spent two weeks on set in East Hanningfield, shooting scenes for the apocalyptic zombie horror.

Filming took place at the Essex and Suffolk Water treatment works, in East Hanningfield, and saw more than 100 crew on site every day.

A now redundant part of the treatment works building – the vertical flow tanks – was transformed into Camp Humphreys, a dank South Korean military base and prison, for pivotal scenes in the film.

Grimsby - Tilbury

Tilbury and Epping Forest were used as locations for filming the Sacha Baron Cohen film.

But the decision to use Essex to film instead of Grimsby got the actor and director into some hot water.

Happy Go Lucky - Southend

Southend Pier, Adventure Island and Eastern Avenue, in Southend, all featured in 2008 Mike Leigh film Happy Go Lucky, when free-spirited teacher Poppy visited her sister Helen who lived locally.

The Woman in Black – Osea Island

The supernatural horror film starring Daniel Radcliffe is an adaptation of Susan Hill's 1983 novel of the same name. It was filmed on Osea Island and locations in and around Maldon prior to its release in 2012.

Goldfinger – London Southend Airport and Goldeneye - Stansted Airport

The two James Bond films had scenes which were shot at two of the county's airports. Goldfinger starring Sean Connery was released in 1964 and Goldeneye in 1995 starring Pierce Brosnan.

Four Weddings and a Funeral - Thurrock

The 1994 British romantic comedy film directed by Mike Newell had scenes filmed at St Clement's Church in West Thurrock. The exterior of the church featured as the setting for the funeral of Simon Callow's character.

The Forth Protocol - Chelmsford

In the 1987 British Cold War spy film featuring Michael Caine and Pierce Brosnan a car chase scene was filmed on the A1016 Chelmer Valley bypass.

Full Metal Jacket - Epping Forest and Upminster

It is understood Epping Forest was chosen for some training scenes as a new group of US marines prepare for the Vietnam war

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Tilbury

The third of the Indiana Jones trilogy starring Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. The search for the Holy Grail takes our hero Indy to Venice. Although the Venice waterfront starts out as real, we’re soon back in Essex, with the high-speed chase through the waterways of the Italian city actually being filmed around Tilbury Docks.

Ivanhoe - Hedingham Castle

The Norman motte and bailey castle has often been the location for films and TV programmes. It was mostly notably featured in Ivanhoe, the 1997 BBC TV mini-series of Sir Walter Scott’s novel set in 1192 AD about a disinherited knight who is accused of treachery in the Crusades starring Steve Waddington, Susan Lynch, Ciaran Hinds and Christopher Lee.

Porridge - Chelmsford

The interior shots for the 1979 film were shot entirely at HM Prison Chelmsford.

Bridget Jones' Diary - Stansted Airport

The scenes which show Mark Darcy arriving at JFK Airport in New York were actually filmed at Stansted Airport.