A MOUND of fly-tipped rubbish has angered residents who are attempting to improve the appearance of their village.

Items including a tyre, bin liners, pots, planks of wood and blankets were discarded on the corner of The Avenue in Great Oakley.

The mess comes just weeks after village volunteers carried out a litter pick around Great Oakley aimed at making the village look spick and span.

Catherine Cocker, 43, of Harwich Road, who helps organise the litter picks, said she was disappointed by the fly-tipping.

She said: “It is disappointing; fly-tipping is on the increase and quite honestly people should dispose of their waste in the correct manner instead of blighting our countryside.

“There was actually some already there when we did the litter pick and we reported it to Tendring Council, but there’s more now.

“I love Great Britain, it’s a beautiful country with amazing countrysides and people.

“We should be protecting it for generations to come.”

The group cleans up the streets of Great Oakley on the first Sunday of the month.

At the last clean-up, volunteers filled 18 bin bags with rubbish.

Mrs Cocker added: “We all have a responsibility to dispose of waste in the correct way using council refuge sites, skip companies and recycling centres where we can.

“The rubbish dumped this time is building waste as there’s insulation in there amongst other things.

“It’s lazy and creates a lot of work for others.”

She added: “We clean our villages not only to rid the countryside of unsightly litter and help the environment but to set an example to others that littering of any kind is both anti-social and disruptive to our wildlife.”

A load of dumped tyres were also discovered in Stones Green Road.

Resident Julia Lord said she came across the tyres when she was walking her dog and reported it.

A Tendring Council spokesman said the fly tips had been reported and would be visited by council officers as soon as possible for investigation.

“We always respond promptly to reports of fly-tipping on public land, and take steps to identify who is responsible before arranging for a clear up,” he added.

“We deplore fly-tipping which comes at a huge cost.”