EMERGENCY services, including an air ambulance, remain at the scene of an accident involving two vehicles. 

Firefighters, police officers and paramedics are currently in Witton Wood Road, in Frinton, after a car collided with another vehicle and a tree. 

One of the drivers, who is a male, suffered serious injuries and is still being treated by paramedics.

The residential road is said to be blocked in both directions, as well as the approach towards the railway station. 

A spokesman for Essex Police said: "Police were contacted at just after 11am today, Monday February 17, following reports of a collision in Witton Wood Road, Frinton.

"The collision happened when a car collided with another vehicle and a tree. The male driver suffered serious injuries and is being treated by paramedics.

"Fire crews, paramedics and police remain at the scene and an investigation is underway."


Carl Down, was on his way to the train station when he saw firefighters attempting to free someone from their vehicle.

"I was just walking to catch the train and then I saw the scene," he said.

"It looked like the fire brigade was cutting someone out of a car that had ended up in a garden.

"The emergency services had it under control and were doing a great job.

"I hope everyone is ok."


Clacton MP Giles Watling, is also currently at the scene and says he can see a car which appears to have crashed into a garden.

He has also asked residents to avoid the area if they can and praised the emergency services for their great work. 

"I have seen a car that is smashed up in a front garden of a house, and the approach to the railway station has closed," he said.

"The helicopter virtually landed in my back garden, in the field near the Frinton Cricket Club, and so I rushed over to see if there was anything I could do to help.

"The road will be closed for some time - stay away from the area if you can.

"Our police, fire and ambulance services are amazing - I just hope no-one’s badly hurt."

More updates as we get them.