A RESIDENT who repeatedly refused to clean up huge amounts of dog's mess from her own garden has been fined more than £1,000 after breaching a council order.

Neighbours complained to Colchester Council in February last year about an awful stench being caused by masses of dog poo piling up in the back garden of a property in Buffett Way.

The council launched an investigation and sent round Environmental Protection Officers to the home.

Initially officers visited the property and removed the faeces themselves.

However further complaints followed and the homeowner, Lorraine Sadd, was warned of the need to regularly clear up the mess.

Following more complaints, an official notice was served in June ordering her to clean up the garden and prevent further issues similar going forward.

But Ms Sadd breached the notice on two occasions and was brought before Colchester Magistrates' Court on January 16.

She did not attend the court hearing but was ordered to pay £330 per offence, so £660 in total, and £650 in costs as well as a £33 victim surcharge.

The total she must pay is £1,343.

Mike Lilley, councillor responsible for communities, wellbeing and public safety, said: "This was an extreme case of an irresponsible dog owner who refused to clean up after her three German Shepherd dogs.

"This had an unpleasant impact on their neighbours with a terrible smell and problems with flies.

“Clearing up after your dog is a basic duty of an owner.

"We’d rather not have to take people to court to get this message across, but as a last resort we are willing to do so.”