YOUNG protestors took to the streets as they rallied against a perceived inaction over climate change.

The group of around 24 college students and youngsters wound their way from Upper Castle Park through the town centre, ending up at Culver Square.

They were all part of a demonstration organised by XR Youth Colchester.

Once in the square, the group staged a 'die-in', lying motionless on the ground to represent the possible extinction of the human race.

The international group Extinction Rebellion has taken repeated action in a series of demonstrations.

The organisation has staged protests across the world.

Last year Extinction Rebellion Colchester led a fake funeral procession with symbolic coffins and flowers through the streets of the town.


Young protester Ed Spence, 17, said: "In 2019 'climate strike' was the official word of the year.

"An increased passion for our environment gives me the confidence to do this.

"It is becoming more noticed, as the science becomes more and more clear and as we see things like the Australian bush fires before our very eyes."

Colchester Royal Grammar student Dan Saunders, 17, gave an impassioned speech directed at passing shoppers, calling on them to join the movement.

Explaining why he gave the speech, Mr Saunders said: "Because someone has to."

Oskar Staveley, 16, added: "At the moment the situation is worse than bad, it's worse than catastrophic.

"200 species go extinct every day, towns just down the road from us have been recently severely affected by flooding.

"Asking and begging companies and governments to open their eyes and save the world has all but failed up until this point.

"The time has come to take matters into our own hands.

"Our message today is simple: save the world.

"Through various tactics such as boycott, protest and education we can still manage to fix this.

"There is so much for us to still do, there is so much hard work still to be done.

"Our struggle is now an uphill one, but together we can manage it."