The RSPCA are appealing for information after the body of a horse was found in Dunmow this morning.

Inspectors believe the horse had been dead for a few days before being discovered by passers-by on New Pastures Lane in Dunmow.

RSPCA Inspector Adam Jones said: "The horse looks to be in poor body condition with her hips and spine protruding, and we suspect she is only a couple of years old.

*Warning - graphic content below which some readers may find upsetting*

"Looking at her body, I believe she may have been dead a few days, though she was only found this morning.

"We suspect her body was driven to the location on a trailer or truck, and rope we found suggests whoever dumped her, tied the rope from her legs to the nearby farm gate and then drove away, dragging her body out of the vehicle onto the floor.

"It's incredibly sad to think someone not only let her get into a poor state of health, but then dumped her body for somebody else to deal with, it's hugely irresponsible.


It is not uncommon for the RSPCA to be called about gravely ill, abandoned horses and dumped dead horses.

Last year, the RSPCA took more than 820 horses in addition to those already in its care, and received more than 20,000 calls to the emergency line about horses.

Adam added: "I'm keen to find out more about this poor pony and how her body came to be dumped here, and who owns her and allowed her to get into such a poor state of health.

"Anyone with information can contact me in complete confidence on our inspector appeal line by calling 03001238018."