CAMPAIGNERS have helped to secure Colchester’s first No Cold Calling Zone in a bid to help ward off scammers and intimidating callers knocking on residents’ doors.

After a hard-fought battle led by businessman and campaigner Mick Spindler, residents of Nancy Smith Close will have extra protection from bogus callers going forward.

The properties in the street, which is in Berechurch ward, are owned by Colchester Borough Homes and are home to a large number of vulnerable residents.

Residents had raised concerns with Mr Spindler they were being targeted by scam callers and faced intimidation on their own doorsteps.

In response, he organised a petition which was supported by all residents in the road.

The petition was then presented to Colchester Council, before the case was made to Essex Trading Standards to designate the area an official No Cold Calling Zone.

Mr Spindler said: “I have to say this took a great deal of pressing on our part to be able to get the clearance from the evidence I provided.”

Mr Spindler, who owns demolition and reclamation firm MJ Spindler Trading, thanked Colchester Council’s housing firm for its support on the campaign.

“Director of Colchester Borough Homes Karen Loweman has been simply amazing,” he said.

“She has been fully committed and determined throughout on behalf of the residents and this would never have been achieved without her help.”

No Cold Calling Zones are not legally enforceable.

However, they are a known deterrent to potential nuisance knockers.

Entire neighbourhoods must agree to the designation, which slaps a ban on all doorstep salesman knocking on front doors in the area before the zone is implemented.

Mr Spindler has provided Essex Trading Standards with the necessary details of where residents would like the No Cold Calling Zone signs to be installed.

“They will be providing stickers for all the residents as well,” he added.

“I am thrilled residents will feel safer and can also be more confident on the doorstep.”

The success of the new No Cold Calling Zone will be monitored going forward in an attempt to see if it has a positive impact on the security and well-being of the residents.