The town of Colchester - although now mentioned as a city - is well-known for the history of our Roman Castle, and proud connections, with the garrison.

Over the last few months, there has been views regarding the long-proposed sculpture of that large elephant for the roundabout near to North Station Road.

What has an elephant got to do with the representing of our city?

If those concerned were to put their brains into gear, prior to making crazy ideas, and really engage with the people of this city, they would be more respected.

Do these people just come together, have tea, and sandwiches, and think: ‘We have some money to spend’, then go into a self-destruct mode, just to satisfy their position?

How about mini-military sculptures, with an archway of coloured flowers, and impressions of our Roman links; all must in proportion in size, and suitable for the space.

This, if I may suggest, would be considered to be more appropriate in welcoming people who pass in that area, and also enhance the impression we wish to leave on visitors.

Hopefully, the above suggestion, would not be so costly, as that proposed monstrosity of an elephant.

The remainder could be passed on to get the town centre pathways/potholes repaired - there are many that are unsafe then the town’s folk, especially the elderly, and visitors could safely pass through our streets without feeling endangered about falling over.

The powers that be want more people to visit the town, but first, they must make it safe, and more welcoming.

Please refrain from making unreasonable excuses, like the issues mentioned are covered by different departments. Get together please, I think ‘that’s called using your communication skills’. And act now, then hopefully we can have a town centre that is safe, for the people who live here, and visitors alike.

Dave Duffett

Furrow Close, Stanway