RESIDENTS’ parking spaces were submerged after a high tide caused a river to flood a quay.

The Environment Agency warned residents and business owners in Mistley and Jaywick there was a possibility of some homes and businesses being flooded between 11.30am and 1.30pm.

The flood warnings were issued as the tides were expected to be higher than usual due to the forecasted spring tides.

Mistley Quay was covered in water at lunchtime.

At its highest at 12.33pm, the water level was nearly one metre above the tide tables.

In Jaywick, water reached flood defences close to the Martello Holiday Park but did not breach the sea wall.

Residents were warned to take care on coastal roads and footpaths and to avoid any unnecessary danger.

Wendy Seaman, from Jaywick, says she was informed about the flooding, but was not specifically told how to best deal with it.

She said: “I got a call from the Environment Agency but I think it was a recorded phone call – everyone got them.

“They told us just to take action but didn’t say what action to take. Everyone was in the dark about it.

“I am pretty new around here so was not sure what people would do.

“ I was not planning on going anywhere.

“My bungalow is quite high off the ground, but many here are not, so I have to say I was concerned for the elderly and the disabled.”

A statement from the Environment Agency advised people not to put themselves in any unnecessary danger.

It said it would monitor the situation and reissue a message for any subsequent tides if required.