A COLCHESTER school is celebrating the introduction of a new piece of life saving equipment.

The Philip Morant School and College on Rembrandt Way is installing a new defibrillator at its new 3G football pitch.

The new safety measure is to be installed on the school's front gate, just a short walk from the pitch.

It can deliver life saving treatment to people who suffer from a cardiac arrest.

Although the pitch is used by school children, it is also used by amateur football teams so the defibrillator is also for community use.

While not a requirement to have one, the school decided to install the defibrillator as a precautionary measure.

In order to pay for the equipment, the school are fundraising to cover the costs.

With the defibrillator due to be completed on Valentine's Day February 14, the school have also organised a sport and football themed no uniform day for the students to help raise money.

Kevin Jones, the football development officer at the school, said: "Without a defibrillator, survival is slim.

"It is a life saving necessity and , while not regulated yet, we felt the need to have one.

"The chances of someone surviving a cardiac arrest with a defibrillator is around 75 to 80 per cent.

"Without one the chances are much closer to zero."

In order to install the defibrillator, the school has had help from some local amateur football teams like Stanway Rovers as well as assistance from the East England Ambulance Trust.

Using the equipment requires training but luckily the East England Ambulance Trust have stepped in to provide help.

Mr Jones added: "It is now a requirement to have training and fortunately the trust will provide it free of charge.

"The defibrillator will also be regularly serviced and maintained by the trust so we can be safe knowing it will always work.

"From the funds raised for the defibrillator, we will be donating whatever is left to the trust as a way of saying thank you."