Wetherspoon pubs are limiting parents to two alcoholic drinks each if they have their children with them.

The rule came to light when a poster was put up at a pub in Kent publicising it.

The chain said the guideline was designed to deter "unruly behaviour" by children left unsupervised.

And we asked for your views, with hundreds of readers commenting on the Gazette Facebook page - with a range of responses but the majority agreeing parents shouldn't be having too many more drinks when supervising children.

Jane Evans said: "Don’t think parents should even have one drink.. at home .. not a problem as long as they aren’t getting blind drunk each night.. but most people drive and isn’t two classed as being over the limit!"

Rya Wood added: "Totally agree with this as it’s not fair on the children if the parents end up in no fit state to look after them, at the end of the day if you want to get totally drunk, then leave the children at home with a responsible childminder."

Emma Louise Lake said: "Absolutely a good idea , living near the coast the times we’ve walked past weatherspoons on the beachfront with families absolutely out of their heads and children just left unsupervised is just awful."

Clive Spalding said: "Nanny state mentality . Responsible parents would make the right decision for themselves. This ruling to a responsible parent is borderline offensive."

Karl Chenier added: "I think it’s a fantastic idea, parents need to care for their child and if they are getting drunk and ignoring their child that’s lack of care wish my work would enforce this!

"The amount of times I nearly kick a small child over or drop a hot drink on them cos the parents are happy ignoring their kids!"

Katey Winch added: "Why would anyone want to get drunk with their kids, more to the point! Don't think you should drink at all while out with children."