A DRIVER has hit out at the “shoddy system” in place at Colchester Hospital’s car park after receiving three fines within the space of a matter of weeks.

Karen White received the tickets after a busy period where she visited her mum at least twice a day at the Turner Road site in September and October.

On each occasion, upon entering the car park the parking system did not recognise her registration plate and she had to input her details manually.

She was forced to guess how long she had stayed and pay the relevant amount, but soon received three parking fines in the post.

Mrs White, who lives in Dedham, said: “I went to the machine and put my registration in but it said my vehicle was not registered as having entered.

“I spoke to the parking attendant at the time who said there have been some glitches and told me to pay how long I think I had been there.

“When the first fine came through I was told I had not paid for enough time in the car park. Then another two with the same issue arrived.

“Obviously I got my times wrong, but if the machines were working consistently I would have known exactly how long I was there.”

Mrs White has contested all three £70 fines. Two have been dealt with and she is awaiting a response for the third.

Despite putting the same reasoning for each appeal, one has been upheld and another rejected.

Mrs White said: “The first one was dismissed out of hand and there was a paragraph explaining what I had done wrong.

“The next one was a number of pages long and it reads like the ticket was correctly issued but it says my appeal has been successful.”

She added: “For me the worst thing about it is the fact there is no consistency.

“I just think it is a shoddy system and it is not what people need when they have obviously got other things on their mind. I have written to the hospital and the parking company three times asking for answers.”

Fiona Sparrow, head of facilities at Colchester Hospital, said: “We are very sorry to learn about the problems Mrs White faced with our parking system when she was visiting her mother at Colchester Hospital. We are looking into this further as a matter of urgency and we will get back to her as soon as possible.”