A WOMEN’S football team is working together to show its support to its captain who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Players from the Ramsey and Mistley Women’s Football Team are trying to raise £5,000 through online donations and fundraising events to help their captain Amy Cook.

Amy, 33, from Dovercourt, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Now her teammates have set up a Go Fund Me page in a bid to provide Amy with some financial peace of mind to ensure she can focus on her chemotherapy sessions and a tough year ahead of medical treatments.

A spokeswoman for Ramsey and Mistley Women’s Football Team said: “Since receiving this news, Amy has continued to put every single person around her first, not stopping to feel sorry for herself or be defined by her diagnosis, showing pure determination and positivity to kick cancer’s backside.

“She has given all her energy to ensure those around her are OK, she has an incredibly loving and extremely close family who provide her with so much love and unconditional support.”

The team has referred to Amy as an “absolute hero” and said she is continuing to turn up to training and matches and even inspires the team to go for additional runs on her days off.

The spokeswoman added: “It’s a true reflection of how much she gives, regardless of her own personal battle”

The team is planning a range of events to help raise the cash, starting with a quiz night on Saturday, February 29 at Harwich and Parkeston Football Club.

During the event, there will be a “waxathon” to boost funds.

The spokeswoman added: “We truly thank you for any donations made, your kindness of generosity will provide unimaginable peace of mind to Amy through the next year.

“We understand she will find it difficult to accept any help as she has always worked so hard and is so used to be financially independent.

“We hope, however, she accepts our way of providing her with a blanket of support and showing her what she truly means to us all.

“It’s a massive team effort and we are coming together to try to support Amy and provide her with a peace of mind.”

In just three days, the fundraising page has raised more than £800 for Amy’s cause.

To donate, or to find out more, visit bit.ly/3ashQW0.