AN eagle-eyed history buff discovered fragments of Roman pottery whilst exploring Colchester town centre.

Former Castle ward councillor Darius Laws found some small pieces of pottery in Balkerne Hill, some of which could be nearly 2,000-years-old.

Cable trenches are being created along the Roman Wall as part of a Colchester Council project to light it up at night.

Mr Laws was instrumental in bringing the project to fruition during his time as Conservative Group leader on the council.

Gazette: Darius Laws, Tim Young, Mark Cory and Lyn Barton during a test run of the wall lightingDarius Laws, Tim Young, Mark Cory and Lyn Barton during a test run of the wall lighting

Colchester Archaeological Trust is monitoring any finds which are made during the works.

Mr Laws said: “I was walking up Balkerne Hill on Friday morning and because the groundworks team is putting cables in under the ground to light up the wall there pieces have come to the surface.

“I have got a keen eye and I know what might be Roman.

“There were several fragments and I picked them up and took them to Colchester Archaeological Trust because one of their ongoing projects is a watching brief over the works.”

Archaeologist Emma Holloway examined one of Mr Laws’ finds and told him it is part of a pot made before the fourth century.

Mr Laws said: “She described it as a Tesco pot, not a John Lewis one, but it is still pretty cool.

“Because of its age it will be catalogued and stored by museum services.

“There is no satisfaction for me if I take it home and put it on my shelf - it is better it is recorded and stored.”

On Sunday Mr Laws found another fragment which he believes may date from the first century, but he is awaiting confirmation.

Work to light up the Roman Wall is set to be complete soon.

Mr Laws added: “The wall is going to look great when it is completed and hopefully it will be done in time for the Mercury Theatre reopening which would tie in nicely.”