COLCHESTER Zoo has welcomed three new arrivals.

The Oxford Sandy and Black piglets arrived at the zoo last week and are busy settling into their new home.

The piglets are three months old and their breed is sometimes referred to as the ‘Plum Pudding’ or ‘Oxford Forest Pig’ .

It is one of the oldest British pig breeds and has been around for as long as 300 years.

The piglets' arrival marks a goodbye for Kune Kune pig Wellington who has left the zoo and moved to a new home.

The piglets have taken residence within Wellington’s previous home at The Familiar Friends part of the zoo

A spokesman for the zoo said: "They like to eat leaves, hay, fruit and vegetables and are good foragers.

"They are also a hardy pig which makes them particularly well suited to living outside.

"Their black and sandy colouring creates some attractive markings but also helps to protect them from the sun."