Three people were hurt after a bus hit scaffolding outside a shop.

The First Group bus went into the scaffolding outside McColl’s newsagents in Church Street, Coggeshall.

During the accident the number 70 bus, which was travelling from Colchester to Chelmsford, was hit by a scaffolding pole which shattered the glass on the top deck.

One passenger, who wished to remain anonymous, suffered whiplash and concussion and said two others also suffered injuries in the incident.

The passenger said: “The bus driver went around the corner of the shop and the scaffolding pole on the building hit the bus which shattered the glass of the top deck.

“There were four people on the top deck, including myself. Three of us suffered some minor injuries.

“Myself and one other passenger went to accident and emergency because of the incident.

“I went to Broomfield Hospital later as the next bus which came along to take us to Chelmsford stops at the hospital.

“I was told I have whiplash in my neck and shoulder, hip and knee pain, and I also have concussion and have been put on strong pain killers.”

McColls was forced to close on Tuesday as the scaffolding was unsafe.

The passenger added: “Later that day I went back to look at the damage and there was a sign at McColls stating the shop was closed due to unsafe scaffolding.

“They had added tape around the poles and there was still glass around but the pole which hit the bus was crooked hence why it was unsafe.”

Operations manager at First Colchester said: “One of our buses collided with some scaffolding located outside McColls store on the narrow section of Church Street on Tuesday causing some damage to the upper windows of the bus.

“An investigation is being undertaken to determine how the incident occurred. I can confirm that, thankfully, no injuries were reported at the scene.”