A PENSIONER has issued a desperate appeal for help to find her beloved horse after it vanished without a trace.

Edna Teesdale's horse Smartie went missing from a field near her home in De Vere Road, Earls Colne, three-weeks-ago.

Despite desperate searches of the footpaths and fields across the village she has been unable to locate the 14-year-old horse, who she has cared for since he was a foal.

She has tried contacting Essex Police but has been told they are unable to help.

Ms Teesdale said: "I let him out one morning and when I went to get him in again he had vanished.

"Horses do not just vanish. The field had an electric fence surrounding it.

"I have been walking around the village and I have not seen any sign of him.

"I think somebody could have taken him.

"He could have been taken or he could be caught up in bushes having hurt himself."

Smartie is described as liver chestnut coloured with three and-a-half white legs and a white face.

Before he disappeared he was wearing a rain jacket to protect himself from the elements.

"I am getting beside myself," Ms Teesdale said.

"He is a lovely horse. He was amazing to ride although I have stopped riding because I am 74 now.

"He can't be replaced and is worth more than money to me. I have had him since he was a baby."

Ms Teesdale has scouted all of the potential hideouts in the nearby area with no luck.

"I would rather know something had happened to him than this," she said.

"He is quite a quiet horse and enjoys quiet places but he wasn't scared of the roads.

"I have looked everywhere and can't find him."

If you think you have seen Smartie contact The Gazette on 01206 508288.