FITNESS fanatics put their bodies to the test by completing a gruelling bootcamp to raise cash for charity.

Colchester Bootcamp hosted its third fundraiser at Abbey Field.

Dozens of people tested their physical strength in order to help people with their mental strength.

The event was held to raise money to support those struggling with their depression.

The bootcamp had five instructors on hand to lead stations dedicated to different workouts.

A spokesman for the bootcamp said: “We want to give a massive thank you to our charity bootcamp instructors.

“They helped deliver some fantastic stations for us all on Saturday, helping the event to run smoothly.”

He added: “And, of course, we want to give a big thank you to all those who attended the event, helping to raise more than £600 for the Samaritans in Colchester.

“We hope everyone who came along had a fantastic morning.

“We couldn’t have done it without them and our brilliant instructors who joined us on the day.”

The bootcamps are organised to raise awareness of the positives of maintaining a healthy mind through regular exercise.

Attendees at regular daily classes can also expect to work on their cardiovascular and physical endurance.

For more information and to ask about joining, visit