A DAD who ignored a restraining order banning him from contacting his former partner has been sent back to prison.

Jack Smith had only been out of jail for a few days when he sent a series of Facebook messages to the woman he was banned from talking to.

When the complainant said she would call the police about his behaviour, Smith replied 'go for it.'

She suggested he would go back to custody and he said: 'You think that bothers me? I will be back to do it again in a few weeks?'

He also added: 'Weeks, months, years? Doesn't bother me.'

Smith, of Hordle Place, Dovercourt, sent a total of 15 messages over the course of a day in December.

Colchester Magistrates' Court heard he had already served jail sentences for assaulting the woman - who is the mother of his children - and for previously flouting the order banning him from talking to her.

He admitted breach of a restraining order.

Selena Dines, mitigating, said he only sent the messages because he was concerned about their youngsters being driven around by her new partner.

"She replies to the messages - he is not saying he doesn't want her to see him just that he doesn't want his children in the car," she said.

"None of them were threatening.

"All of them were him saying he would do anything for his children."

Ms Dines said he was eager to stay in contact with the children but messages between him and the agreed third party contact had not been responded to.

Chairman of the bench Elisabeth Connor said they had no choice but to jail the 22-year-old for 12 weeks because of his previous record.

She said: "If this was your only offence relating to restraining order we may have some sympathy however we have to look at it in context.

"In 2017 there was a restraining order put in following an assault and you breached it upon your release from prison.

"Then last year there was another, you were sentenced to further custody and breached it again."